Workshop – Ignition Arts

Following the developmental workshop with McCarter Theater’s Education Program, Brennan & White worked on expanding the script, writing new music and paring down the cast. The result was a two act version of ALiEN8 for eight student actors and eight adult actors. In the Spring of 2018, the show was given a week-long workshop through Ignition Arts’ Winter Residency at the Oklahoma City Contemporary Museum of Art. The workshop culminated in a public performance on Saturday, March 24th. The production was directed by Jorge William Donoso and featured the following cast: Michael Andreaus, Kristen Cerelli*, Gregory DeCandia*, Adrianna Delpercio, Darius Freeman, Jordan Kilgore, Vince Leseney, Gillian O’Daniel, Alyssa Peters, Dani Pike, Angela Polk, Corinne Prudente, Nicholas J. Reese, Jeanie Scholar*, Madeline Statter, Kevin Wilkinson

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