CLEAN SLATE – Story & Music

A full production of CLEAN SLATE (the second part of the Infinity Trilogy) is on it’s way in the Spring of 2023! This production will be supported in part by the MAP Fund!

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Listen below for song demos.


When Andi’s foster mothers are no longer able to discipline her, she is sent to a controversial “boot camp” for troubled teens called “Clean Slate.” There, she meets a number of other campers including an infamous online troll, a non-binary petty thief, a by-the-book athlete and a brilliant science student who also happens to be a pyromaniac. Even more troubling, for Andi, is that the woods appear to be haunted. One night, Andi strikes up a conversation with a mysterious voice emanating from a pile of rocks. She discovers that the voice belongs to a young woman named Cassie who ran away from the Clean Slate program years earlier and has been lost ever since. As the weeks go on, the campers discover that the owners of Clean Slate (a mysterious group called “The Collective”) have decided to build containment centers on the campsite so that incoming campers can never leave. The campers’ only hope of escape depends on finding the lost Cassie and decoding a message hidden in the night sky.

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